Monday, March 21, 2011

GS Tuning BMW 2002 (1976 DRM)

Some cool period pics of the 1976 GS Tuning BMW 2002 driven by Jorg Denzel in the "Fischer Technic".  This car had a very potent BMW M12/7 motor as twin cam engines were still allowed during this period of time for racing in the DRM.  Through 1975 2 Liter cars competing in the ETCC utilized the DOHC motors,  however starting in 1976 they were only allowed the use SOHC motors.


  1. http://gerent-motorsport.de/main/engines_bmw2002.htm

  2. Thanks, I believe the car used to be owned by Rudiger Julius (JB Racing), I believe it was sold a few years back, not sure of the final price (asking price was I believe EUR 120,000)