Friday, February 19, 2010

ALPINA A4 (Multiple Butterfly Fuel Injection) -Street

.... AKA "Einzeldrossel" (translated "single throttle") for hot street 4 cylinder BMW motors. I had this system on my 1973 2002 tii, with a correct ALPINA pump and BMW Factory 300 degree cam. It worked so well, nothing but smooth even power from about 3,000 RPM on up - at 5,000 RPM these cars start to scream with this set up - I will eventually have another tii with this set up someday. Pretty to look at under the hood - this particular set appears to be in either mint condition or NOS.


  1. if money was no object could u still obtain these with the componets?
    lee_bowitz at yahoo.com

  2. I don't personally own any any longer, they do exist, however they do come up for sale from time to time. Keep you eyes peeled here and when I see one it will be posted up here. The range is all over the place on one's sold, anywhere from $2500 - $5,000 and generally do not have the correct pump. It is possible to have a standard pump re-configured to flow fuel properly to match the ALPINA A4 system, last I heard that was about $1,200 or so.