Wednesday, February 25, 2015

BoscH TCI-h (Kontaktlose Transistorzündanlage TSZ-h) TransistoR IgnitioN (BmW 2oo2 ti tii turbo AlpinA)

Oh man, this another one of those pieces that I would love to have in my collection.  How often does one of these come along NIB , how about virtually NEVER.  My friend Jeff has one of these (NIB), you would have to do something really bad to him (or have an incredible trade) to pry it loose from him.  Not sure it could be done.  I know of only a few that have these and run their cars on them (and they work VERY well indeed) .... and lets face it a well designed and fully functional ignition system is critical for these cars to run well.

Monday, February 23, 2015

KugelfischeR BmW F2 (M12/7) RenN PumP

A pretty good look at a Kugelfischer BmW F2 pump.  Not 100% certain on this one, but I believe (in the all important save as much weight as you can issue) that the pump body is cast magnesium.  It might not seem like much but every little bit helps, where ever you can save weight by using aluminum instead of steel or magnesium instead of aluminum it cumulatively adds up.  The front of the pump body is set up to mate with the cam carrier off the intake side of the motor - the pump is driven off of the intake cam.  Second image from the top you will not "7.5" stamped into the back of the head, denoting the larger 7.5mm pistons.  Years ago BmW motorsport had these listed in their catalog at a whopping $15,000 and some change.....The numbers off this pump read PL04.133.02 (A1 12X234).

Friday, February 20, 2015

Pirelli P7oo - BmW E28 M5

1987 Pirelli Advert for the next gen "Pirelli P700" tyres, great tyres, very similar tread pattern to the original P7.  Would love to have one of these early Motorsport E28 M5's in my collection - sorry to say I would prefer over what is out today (but then that is just me!). 

HanS HeyeR - SchnitzeR 28oo cS (Photo Auction)

You can never have enough BmW Artwork, great image of Hans Heyer getting after it in a Schnitzer 28oo CS race car in 1972.  Thinking about buying this one myself......

Hans Heyer SIGNED 7x5 Inches Photo,  Motul-Schnitzer Motorsport BMW 2800CS , European Touring Car Championship 1972
Excellent  Condition.....Hi Res Photograph Printed in a Professional Laboratory
100% Genuine Signature obtained in-person at the FIA GT Championship Meeting Silverstone  2010
Postage & Packaging £2.00 in the UK......1st Class Recorded Delivery
Worldwide Bidders are very welcome......
Please feel free to email any questions
Thank you for Looking

Link to Hans Heyer autographed Photo 

Friday, February 13, 2015

SchnitzeR 20-4 TrockensumpfölwannE (Auction)

Auction for Schnitzer cast magnesium dry sump oil pan.  This pan is NOT for a canted motor, designed for a motor being run straight up-and-down (F2).  These don't come available too often any more.....

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WarsteineR RacinG TeaM

I love these old black and white images, and this is a really great one for obvious reasons.  Warsteiner transporters, kegs of Warsteiner beer, and race cars.  Looks like either an F3 or FSV car far left, two TOJ Gr. 6 (?) Racing Cars.  Depending on the group they were running in they ran BmW power for 2000cc and less (both BmW M12/7 and Schnitzer (pictured above), far left appears to be Cosworth DFV powered based on the center snorkel.  Oh!  last but not least the BmW 2oo2 hiding in the background (GS Tuning - BmW M12/7 Powered).  The drivers left to right are Jörg Obermoser, Günter Gebhardt and Peter Scharmann.

Friday, January 30, 2015

AlpinA 2oo2 Gr. 2 (RiccI)

I was scanning through one of the threads on the BmW 2oo2 FAQ website and came across this image some time ago and saved it to my desk top.  I figure this must have been some time shortly after AlpinA sold the car (1975/1976?).  No front spoiler but still had the Gr. 2 AlpinA front wings.  Still has the aluminum windshield retainer clips the car had late in its life from AlpinA as well as what appears to be the Scheel 3o3N (light blue ) same as it had in its final days in the black with green/blue AlpinA stripe livery.  Rear wings had been changed to the wide "CSL esque" with openings for coolers/radiators (in this car's case it was oil coolers).