Friday, April 29, 2016

AlpinA Gr. 2 2oo2 - InstrumentS (BeforE)

A few weeks back I removed ALL of the instruments from the cluster, warning lights, tacho etc.,  The small holes at the top how single warning lights from left to right for "High Beam", "Alternator", "Oil Pressure" and "Direct" (not sure what that is exactly), other gauges are Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Water Temperature.  The main gauges are from left to right "Blank" (BmW Roundel, it was an Ammeter when AlpinA ran the car), "Fuel Pressure", "Engine Coolant Temp", "Tachometer" (middle), "Engine Oil Temp", Engine Oil Pressure", "Differential Oil Temp".  The bezels of the Engine Coolant Temp, Oil Temp and Oil pressure are painted in the "day glow" fluorescent yellow.  Currently I have the whole kitten kaboodle at Palo Alto Speedometer being tested and refurbished.  I took a lot of pictures of the wiring - its going to be a challenge getting all back in the way it was.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

BmW ArT CarS - BmW 3.o CsL - (AlexandeR CaldeR)

VitalonI SebrinG MacH 1 MirroR (NoS)

I won one of these a few months back off of Ebay (that one had the old-style "thin" surround), however has a plastic shell.  I will prep that one and paint it semi-gloss black.  This one I picked off over the weekend, this one is REALLY nice (New-Old-Stock) and still in the box with an aluminum shell (wish I had two like this but whatever).  I hate like hell to paint it, but the AlpinA car had these and they were black. I can check side view mirrors off my list.....devil's in the details.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

AlpinA A2 Ansaugbr├╝cke (IntakE ManifolD) - Auction

If you follow my blog often you know that I haven't posted any "Auctions" as of late.  Honestly, most things especially the ones that I find interesting (from AlpinA, Schnitzer, Scheel, Recar, BBS etc.,) really don't make it to Auction (Ebay) any longer - most get sold privately these days.  When they do make it to Ebay more often than not the Auction ends early as someone "snipes" the item (makes a side offer to the owner to close the auction early).  Sorry to say I have done it once or twice myself for things I "had to have".  A long time ago I had one of these mated up with a pair of perfectly restored Italian Weber 45's (and sold it on Ebay for more than $1200).  Not mine of course, good luck bidding. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

AlpinA 2oo2 Gr. 2 - OiL CoolerS

These are the Oil Coolers that came with the AlpinA Gr. 2 car.  As the body work had been changed after AlpinA sold the car, these were mounted on the right/left side of the car in the rear wings (similar to the Gr. 5 cars).  One was for engine oil cooling, the other for the differential oil cooling.  These things had been painted over numerous times and were pretty mucked up.  Because I try to retain as many original parts to the car as possible (so long as they function properly), I had these sent to Ultrasonic Cleaning Corporation down in Southern California.  They were both cleaned inside/out and pressure tested.  Top pictures show the after, some fin straightening to do, but minor work.  I highly recommend this vendor, if you need something ultrasonically cleaned, give them a call (link to website below).  I have a fuel swirl pot and dry sump oil tank to send their way in the next few weeks.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

AlpinA 2oo2 Gr2. - BodY WorK UpdatE (4-21-2016)

The AlpinA car has been away at the body shop for nearly a month now.  Quite a bit of work needed to be done - more than I thought, more than what I saw.  One of the frame rails needed extensive repair, lots of holes, buggered up welds, tears in sheet metal.  The drivers side door jamb had been "pinched" forward (like someone backed the car up with the door open and the door hit a solid object and  bent the door backwards with the jamb....???).  Fixed now, had to go on the frame rack and get pulled from two directions.  Many hours of grinding all the welding buggers off the underside, wheel wells etc.,  Wheel wells getting final paint now (satin black) along with underside of car, trunk/boot area and interior.  Body panels are getting a little bit of attention that they needed and with a little luck will be on the car next week.   The rest of the work should go pretty quickly.  Will go up to the shop next week to take some more detailed photos.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

AlpinA Grp. 2 EnginE UpdatE (4-15-2016)

The last few photo's I had received were from a camera phone, I had a reason to head over today to see things for myself (deliver some odds/ends and take back a few things...header etc.,).  Biggest things left to do really are to make up the new injection lines (getting new line material and fittings from my friends at Lucas Development in the UK) and then make up a new ignition wire set.  The injection lines really aren't that bad, although they have some odd bends in them, not worth the risk of a blow out while on the dyno.