Monday, July 18, 2016

AlpinA Gr. 2 BodyworK (Cont.' 7-15-2016)

So as you can see, things are moving along - obviously the car will NOT be making the BMW Centennial celebration in Monterey next month.  Very disappointing, but as I have told others, it is my own fault, I have pretty good sense about how long things take and this being one of the most important has taken longer than expected.  There is no point in trying to rush it.  You can't do this much work without sacrificing quality.  The end product will be worth the wait.  Very disappointing to miss the Monterey event this year (though, I will still be there), still looking forward to seeing an incredible array of cars.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

AlpinA Gr. 2 2oo2 BodyworK (Cont.)


Some fairly recent photos of the bodywork (ongoing) with the ALPINA Gr. 2 race car.  Fitting up the front spoiler and doing some work around the wheel arch.  Before I sent the car off for body and paint back in early March my plan was to go with the black livery.  As such I had done some work on the front drivers inner arch to make it round (the black car had round inner arches in front and then squared in the back).  I was going to go with the black livery but I will admit now I reversed course again, its going back with first paint ("Langnese") with white livery and red stripes.  I wish I was able to get more pictures, unfortunately the shop is about 2 hours one way from my house so not practical to go visit very often + with deadlines as close as they are now I needed every other moment I can take working on other "mini" projects.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

AlpinA 2oo2 Gr. 2 EnginE DynO RuN

Dyno run of my AlpinA Gr. 2 2oo2 racing motor.  The motor makes 260bhp @ 8300 rpm.  Turn the volume up!!!!

AlpinA Gr. 2 RennMotoR (2,o AlpinA EnginE / SchnitzeR 20,4 CylindeR HeaD)

So this is pretty much a wrap as far as the AlpinA Gr 2. 2oo2 motor goes.  It has been run-in (broken in), and fully tested.  I have another short video of part of a high RPM run that I will post soon.  As you can see from the images, quite a bit of work goes into just the set-up of a motor on a dynamometer like this - ALOT.  Mission complete.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

AlpinA 2oo2 Gr.2 (BrakE LineS)

Some of the hardware and fabricated brackets that go with the front brakes for the AlpinA race car.  The black triangular piece is fabricated from steel and holds the holds the brake bulkhead adapter fitting.  The fabricated part attaches to the inner wheel well and the bulkhead fitting takes the hard line from the master cylinder.  Sometimes (often) it is easier to source new hardware than it is to try to re-finish the old.  I sourced all this from BelMetric ( a really great source for metric hardware, Cohline fittings etc.,)

Monday, June 20, 2016

VitalonI SebrinG MacH 1 (MirrorS)

I had written an article a month or two ago on these mirrors.  I purchased both off of Ebay, one came out of Spain, the other was here in the U.S.  Both of them are the early (original style with the thin plastic surround).  These mirrors were used on a whole host of cars, including Ferrari's, Alfa's, Porsche, BmW (AlpinA Gr. 2..:) etc.,  I bought the chrome one about a month ago, basically with time running out for Monterey in August I had decided unless the $$$ on the auction got stupid I was going to buy the unit.  Really cool.  NOS (New-Old-Stock), still in the box, perfect unused condition.  Honestly it is really too nice to paint - yet it will get painted like the other.  I had not even noticed the original user instruction folded up in the bottom of the box w/ classic Ferrari used as an example.  Super cool.

Friday, June 3, 2016

AlpinA GruppE 2 (BodY WorK)

Some of these are a couple of weeks old now, as of yesterday both rear quarters are on and now is just a matter of filling and sanding the attachment points.  Right side is done, left (drivers side) is probably done now.  Front fenders are likely going on today, most of the work was done on those, so in theory it should be a pretty quick process.  I was really lucky with this project in that the shop owner also has a factory AlpinA race car with the same bodywork so he knew exactly what to do with the parts. By this I mean there is a very subtle body line in the rear quarters that runs from the furthest point back all the way to the door jamb.  That body line should tie in to the body line in the door.  Lots of work to make those body lines work together.  Lesson learned is regardless of how good the body work is, there will in all likelihood be some cutting/grinding/patching >taking away material, adding material etc.<  Every car is a little different so panels don't necessarily fit up exactly right.