Sunday, May 24, 2015

"UnbeatablE BmW" Martini Mk-16 - F2 (SchnitzeR 20,4 PowereD)

Renato "Tico" Martini was born in France of Italian parents who built his first racing machines in 1962 when he was living on the island of Jersey, off the French coast. This was a 650cc Triumph motorcycle-engined hillclimb car which was used at the famous Bouley Bay hillclimb on the island. This led him to meet the Knight brothers who ran the Winfield School at Magny-Cours and in 1963 Martini moved to Magny-Cours to look after the fleet of school racing cars.
This led to him building his first cars in a garage at the circuit, giving them the designation MW (Martini Winfield) and later MK (Martini Knight). The first cars were for Formule France and F3 and it was not long before Martini's became regular winners with Jacques Laffitte giving Martini its first F3 title in 1973. In 1975 Martini entered Formula 2 with Schnitzer BMW engines and Elf sponsorship and Hugues de Chaunac ran the team which gave Laffite six victories and the European Championship.
In 1974 Schnitzer engines won three (3) of the twelve (12) wins by BmW units.  The domination continued in 1975, all but three (3) finisnihg places in the top three (3) in each race over the year being provided by BmW based engines.  For most of the year Lafitte's Schnitzer 20,4 motor was rated at 290 bhp, but with higher lift valve gear took them to a claimed 300 bhp (150bhp / liter).

Monday, May 18, 2015

BmW AlpinA - 2ooo Ti NK (AuctioN)

Text from Auction that pretty much says it all.  Nice to see that these cars are occasionally "unearthed" , hard to tell how bad the body is, likely not too good.....

For sale is a BMW ALPINA 2000 ti.
Car has 150 hp, ALPINA special cylinderhead is noted in the car title, also Alpina steering wheel, alpina wheels and rollcage

1. owner is dead
2. owner confirmed (former BMW salesman) confirmed that all the parts were original. When he was the owner the had a original ALPINA decor as well.
Conditon of the car is bad. A lot rust and the car is not drivable. Needs complete restoration. Original cylinderhead is missing. Original block is still in the car.

I found the following ALPINA and sport parts in the car.
  • ALPINA valve cover
  • ALPINA camshaft
  • ALPINA 45 weber carburettors
  • ALPINA short steering (red)
  • ALPINA steel wheels (center caps with: carbs & camshaft)
  • ALPINA steering wheel 38 cm (horn button carbs & camshaft)
  • ALPINA gear know (with carbs & camshaft)
  • rollcage
  • limited slip diff
  • 5 gear box
  • oilcooler
  • vented wheel disk brake
  • Recaro sport seat
Maybe the car has more ALPINA and other sport parts, I have not identified as these.
Porpably the cars was used in competition but I don't know who and when!
Happy bidding
Car is rollable. Car must be bicked up by a trailer with winch
Pick up within 2 weeks would be nice. Cat could be kept in my garage at least 3 months! But than you have to pay 10 % of the hammer price!
Car can be shipped worldwide. I can help with shipping. Shipping charges are not included in the auction!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

BmW AlpinA 3.2 CsL - Gosser Beer - Dyno Run (Video)

Neat to see this video, short as it is.  This car I believe has been cloned a few times,  this however I believe is the original one.  Angry AlpinA SOHC slide throttle.  Similar to the four cylinder AlpinA slides, the six cylinder slide throttle has the same special injectors mounted dead center of the intake trumpet - very efficient for a racing application.  My friend Alex Elliott uncovered this car many years ago in Italy.  I need to check my records, but somewhere I read Dieter Quester suggested it was the "best" car he had ever driven.  That is saying something (he drove mine as well but sure didn't say it was the best he had driven.....)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

H&B BmW SpecialistS - since 1974 (Formerly Hardy & Beck)

I was over in the East Bay last week visiting a project job site and decided to visit a friend working on a project on University Avenue (Berkeley, CA) and found my way on 4th Street - quick foto of the current digs for H&B Inc., still in business of course, without a doubt one of the best BmW shops you will find anywhere.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

BmW AlpinA 2oo2 Gr. 2 ReaR FenderS (5-2-2015)

Last post (on bodywork) I had shown an image of the left side rear quarter (wing) which is now pretty much done.  I have just a few touch-ups to do AND I need to extend the inside of the wheel arch by about an inch.  The reason for that is that I had planned on using these parts as the permanent parts so in the case of the right side it was cut EXACTLY to the required dimensions.  Now, however, since they are turning out to be the plug for new molds they really need to be longer than what is needed (the reason for this is that you want at least a small amount of material to trim back).  I have enough extra on the other edges to not have to do this on every surface..  I added fiberglass to the inside of this wing by about 2" so plenty of room on this one to trim the part to the final dimension.  Remember, this is the plug so the mold will be made from this....then the part from the mold.  I learned a little trick from Youtube, you can use gyprock (drywall mud I call it) in lieu of bondo to finish the surface.  For some reason, this wing had all sorts of dips and wowies in it.  I took a 6" drywall taping knife with drywall joint finishing compound and basically hit the whole thing.  After it dried, 220 grit sand paper with a long board and took almost all of it off.  As you will note from the top two images you can get really sharp lines with this stuff (if you are careful).  Speaking of careful, you have to be really careful with the part in this stage - the drywall mud has zero tensile strength so any twisting or rough handling of the part will crack the gyprock (it also dents easily).  Getting some primer on is helpful, although it is still pretty fragile.  After I prime it and block it again, then it gets covered with poylyester sealer.  I am going to use epoxy to make the mold as it shrinks less than the polyester resin.  The gyprock primered surface needs to be covered with the polyester sealer so that wax/pva can be applied - either epoxy resin or polyester resin would grab onto a primered surface and basically rip the paint/primer off and anything it was attached to.   Ideally the plug would be coated with Duratec primer which is the best material for coating plugs/molds, I don't have ready access to a spray gun to put it on.  The approach I am taking works just fine since the part is going to be primed and painted anyway.

Monday, April 27, 2015

BmW AlpinA CsL RennwageN

Cleaning my desk top off.  I had this image on there - no idea where I found it - I love it - great pic.  Color combination is really cool wit the white/orange (blue hood?).  I am thinking this is probably an early car (1973? - no rear wing).

Saturday, April 25, 2015

BmW AlpinA 2oo2 Gr. 2 - CranK PulleY (Part 2)

Just a few final images of the tii crank pulley with the various drives.  Beutiful job of welding the dry sump pump pulley on (by Terry Tinney).