Wednesday, October 7, 2015

BmW AlpinA GruppE 2 2oo2 (BodY WorK 10-5-2015)

Some recent photo's of where the car sits today.  Front fenders are "pretty much" done.  They need some work on the interior - just some evening out of the glass on the interior.  Rear fenders are the new ones that I pulled from the molds I made.  Like the front's, they have been fit up but not permanently attached.  I decided that it would e best to have the body shop do this just in case they need to make an adjustment to the frame - I measured everything, my measurement came within a margin of error to the factory specs - I want to be sure.  It would be a bad thing to bond these up to the sheet metal only to have to have them cut loose to make an adjustment to the frame.  Pretty much ready to go out for body work and paint...Wow.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

AlpinA 2oo2 GruppE 2 (EnginE UpdatE 10-1-2015)

I was over at my engine builders recently to check what progress was happening.  Didn't really get to talk to him, clearly there is progress.  He does all of his fit up on the bench in his shop then it goes into a negative pressure assembly room (no dust/dirt) and then gets final assembly.  I am thinking that day is not too far off! (YES).

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

BmW AlpinA 2oo2 GruppE 2 (Bodywork Cont.')

From "Back in the Day" to "Today".  I have been focusing nearly all of my work on the back end of the car, with new molds made, new rear quarters pulled from the molds (epoxy resin) and those are now fit-up and ready to permanently attach to the car.  I have a few odds/ends to take car of inside the trunk (boot) area before I do that but this is minor. I decided to stay with the front fenders instead of pulling molds and new parts, they really came out nice.....and quite honestly I am totally burned out on working with resin and fiberglass - it is hard work, dusty, itchy (and expensive).  This summer/fall has been brutally hot here in Northern California ( I know, not like some places...but its been hot) and that makes working with resins and fillers in unconditioned space (my garage) very challenging.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

CanepA - Porsche 906 (HighwaY 17 - ScottS ValleY, CA)- Video

This fits the ".....and more....." part of my blog.  This is a sweet 47 seconds of time.   I think if you are a fan, collector, restorer of classic BmW's you will appreciate this - pretty racey taking a million dollar vintage Porsche out on a public highway.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hardy & Beck '80's AdverT

One of many from my friend Jim's awesome stash of BmW related advertisements.  This is a "Hardy & Beck Performance Incorporated, Inc." advert from some time in the '80's.  One of the very early Tuners here on the West Coast (formerly Alpina/West), now H&B Inc. still in Berkeley (different address) but still going strong.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

AlpinA BmW 2oo2 Gr. 2 ( FillinG HoleS with Muggyweld Super Alloy 1 )

It has been super hot here in the SF Bay Area this summer (I know that it probably isn't comparable to where some of you live where it is SUPER HOT and humid....), it has made it tough doing fiberglass and body work - relegates that work to being done in the early morning hours.  A few years ago when the car went to Roger Hamlin's, we welded up quite a few of the 'holes' in the sheet metal of the car.  A lot of holes.  Still, there are more to fill.  Back in the day when they needed to mount something, the drilled a hole.  When the changed things up, more holes, Changed owners, more changes, more holes.  Very few of the holes that were drilled were filled.  At this point I am really not interested in investing in a quality welding machine so I was looking for good way to fill some of the holes I know need filling......voila I stumbled upon a product called Muggyweld.  They (Muggyweld) have a number of products that you can use on a variety of materials - I am using their Super Alloy 1 low temp high strength solder.  Since I am mounting up bodywork shortly in this area I wanted to get these holes filled (must have been a badge of some sort).  I prep both sides of the holes by removing primer/paint and getting fresh bare metal, apply the Super Alloy 1 flux, heat the flux with a propane torch and 'tin" the area with the solder (I use a wood tongue depressor to back the hole) and bam the hole is filled.  Use some warm water and rag + wire brush to initially clean up, then grind away back to bare metal with an 80 grit sanding disk.  Prep the entire area with 180 sand paper and then primer.  Those spots will need just a hair of filler and you will never know they were there....(well now you do).

(always use proper safety equipment, proper mask (this stuff has Cadmium in it, gloves and eye protection!  Don't let your project hurt you....)

Friday, August 28, 2015

AlpinA BmW 2oo2 Gr. 2 ReaR WheeL SkirT - (Part 3)

Top image is one of the car from 1974.   I highlighted the piece I am/have fabricated.  Glass work done, 3 layers of 8.8 oz modified twill with epoxy resin (black pigment).  I sprayed some PVA over the foam - waste of time.  It released from the foam, I should have either covered it with tape or skim coated it with polyester resin (to seal the foam cells).  Tyring to keep this simple and fast since I am not trying to make these ' Mona Lisa's ' or going into mass production.  First trim - cloth cut away and roughly trimmed to dimension.  Sample fit up - about 2-3" will be trimmed off the top of it and will run parallel to the contour in the fender.  The piece is very light weight, I will probably add another layer of 8.8 oz glass to stiffen it just a bit.  Final step would be to give it a light sand and then finish with some body filler and then ready for paint.  These were attached with just a couple of pop-rivets.