Sunday, July 20, 2014

AlpinA GruppE 2 2oo2 - Ricciardo Ricci

Sometimes it takes a long time to learn the story of an old racing car.  Shortly after I purchased the car I had considered paying someone to do the research to try and learn the history of the car.  Back then of course I thought that the car was probably a Schnitzer works car, I only based that really on the fact that it had Schnitzer Gr. 5 bodywork, Schnitzer engine and many of the special fabricated parts that a factory car would likely have.  Little did I know that the car would turn out to be the one-and-only AlpinA 2oo2 Gr. 2 car from 1974/1975 (thanks in great part to my friend Geir in Norway).  The one thing I did know was that the car was run in the Trento Bondone hillclimb race in 1979 and was numbered 256, the tag from that race was still attached to the roll cage (see images above).  I was never really able to figure out who the driver was ..... AlpinA had suggested that the car was sold to someone named "Hennericci".  Fast forward a few months ago (and 12 years from when I purchased the car), I had seen an image on the 2oo2 FAQ website (posted by Andersson) that had an image of what looked like my car at the start of its metamorphosis from road race car to hillclimb car.  Image above of the car in the Trento Bondone 1979 driven by Ricciardo Ricci.  At the time the AlpinA export manager I believe had "Hennericci" and "Ricciardo Ricci"......The story continues on.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

AlpinA Gr. 2 2oo2 (BlacK / AlpinA LiverY) & ScheeL SeatS

I received this photo from my friend Wolle sometime ago - probably my favorite (so far) of all of them. Thanks also to the photographer (Bruno Campagna), hopefully I will be able to leave the photo here on my blog.  I like the image so much, I just may end up painting the car back in this scheme.  One thing I can say for sure these cars (and this car) were in constant change.  I have an earlier picture from 1974 where it definitely has a Scheel 302N in it - I snagged one of these a few years back with the blue nomex cloth, unfortunately it needs to be completely re-done and as far as I know this special Scheel nomex cloth is NLA.  The 302N is pretty narrow, I have a pretty large frame so I am not so sure I will even fit in it.  The bottom image is a 303N, which the AlpinA car had in it as well (blue nomex, see pic of the car top).  I have some images posted here of the car with the same seat only with the 303N in orange nomex.  

Friday, July 4, 2014

DieteL EnterpriseS - AlpinA 333i

I remember this article well in Road & Track when it was published.  Because of our strict emissions regulations here in California (even back then) these cars were more or less "boot leg" iterations since without exhaust cats and what not they wouldn't ever pass smog tests (Currently anything 1975 and before are exempt from smog, though "they" are always posturing to try and turn things back to get these cars off the road).  I don't recall the exact timing but I believe it was sometime shortly after Hardy & Beck gave up their AlpinA dealership rights, Dietel Enterprises took over as the west coast dealer (locate in Laguna Niguel, CA).  This car was a US 320i with a big six with some AlpinA mods, AlpinA suspension +3 piece wheels etc., re-tagged "333i AlpinA".  For those celebrating, have a happy and safe 4th of July.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

HeideggeR HorN ButtoN & ShifT KnoB

My friend Andreas sent me a couple of images of his latest aquisition, a very rare Heidegger horn button and gear shift knob.   He definitely finds some of the coolest vintage BmW stuff I have ever seen.

Friday, June 27, 2014

BmW M1o 16v CylindeR HeaD (VierventiL)

Some images (video) of my friend Kari's BmW M1o 16v cylinder.  Made much in the spirit of the Schnitzer 16v heads from days long gone, a great opportunity to acquire period correct 16v head that adapts to a standard BmW M1o block.  They aren't inexpensive, I believe that Kari has several of these made up and ready to go.  Drop me a note if you want further information.....

Sunday, June 8, 2014

BmW 2oo2 SchnitzeR (AMS 12/69)

A scan from AMS 12/69 of Schnitzer's offering for a modified 2oo2.  45mm carburettors, 324 cam (yowsee, on a street car???), 10.2:1 CR pistons, Bilstein suspension, Campagnolo "elektron" magnesium wheels, 100 Liter fuel tank, classic Recaro "schalensitze", adjustable tacho (which appears to have its redline set around 7k (+/-), a couple of "extra" gauges on the dash and CR 5 speed trans......fun car.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

SchnitzeR 2oo2 TurbO

Schnitzer 2oo2 Turbo.  Looks good from any angle.  This was Albrecht Krebs car.  The openings in the rear wheel wells housed the radiators that helped keep nearly 400bhp or engine running cool.  These were incredible machines......it is great that there are still a few around.