Friday, October 24, 2014

AlpinA 2oo2 Gr.2 - GaS PedaL

Special cast aluminum AlpinA accelerator pedal for BmW race cars utilized in the my Gr. 2 AlpinA car (see top image) as well as various CsL race cars.  At some point someone poked and extra set of holes in the pedal to apparently change the height of the cable ball for the accelerator linkage.  Another small hole for who-knows-what was also drilled.  Just another one of the small nit-picky details I wanted taken care of so I left this with my friend Roger Hamlin (Hamlin Fabrication, Sonoma, CA) a few weeks back.  His suggestion for the "cheap" fix was to put a couple of stainless flat head screws in the holes and call it good, my suggestion was to weld the holes up and then grind them back and make them go away.  End product, welded up holes.  All that is left is to give it a light polish and then re-paint the three recessed areas with some red hobby paint.  Again, a minor detail....but then the devil is always in the details.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

AlpinA - FaltZ "WerkS" 3.5 CsL

I was up at my friends (Roger Hamlin, Hamlin Fabrication, Sonoma, CA) a few weeks ago to rettieve some parts he had been working on for me (machining the Schnitzer valve cover to accept the AlpinA script/plaque).  Time permitting it is always better to go up there personally rather than have roger send the parts back via UPS or US Mail.  Why?  Because he always has really cool cars in his shop.  Currently two (2) BmW's - one a clone CsL race car the other this one, a "werks" Motorsport M49 powered 3.5 CsL.  I didn't check the serial number of the car, however I am pretty sure it is the AlpinA - Faltz 3.5 CSL from '76 that competed in various WTCC events including 6 hours at Silverstone and Vallelunga (amongst others), driven by Harald Grohs, Sam Posey and a number of others.  Check the "Driver's" thread for the Harald Grohs write up and and you can see him airborne (significantly) in a 3.5 CSL, same car......odds are.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

AlpinA 2oo2 Gr.2 - FlywheeL

This past week I received a phone call from my engine builder, he needed some odds/ends (parts) one of which is the 20 mm (1,5) crank nut and wavy washer, both of which I learned are NLA from BmW.  I was able to source those from a local salvage yard.  The other item of business was the flywheel.  I had handed it over to him years ago and while it has been in a box in his shop since then, prior to that it was on the car....and for a period of time that car was outside under cover (on the East Coast of the United States).  Obviously, I wasn't going to have him install the flywheel in its "un-restored" condition (top image) so I paid a visit to his shop and retrieved it.  I wasn't really sure how to approach this one - take it to someone and have them media/soda blast it, or try to do it myself.  I opted for "do it myself".  I had some "metal cleaner" I purchased years ago - it looked like simple green, the bottle was so old the name of the product wasn't legible any longer.  Whatever it was - it worked.  I soaked the part in the cleaner for about two hours.  Whatever it was it did the job.  After the metal cleaner process, I hit it with a wire wheel/power drill and then final finish with a scotch bright pad.  Given what it looked like initially, it came out pretty good.  One or two places to touch up and then I am calling it good.  On the top few images you will notice a couple of  rectangular blocks of steel attached to the inside face of the flywheel, those are the pick-up's for the electronic ignition.  Bottom two images are of the Homologation papers (#5258) for BmW Gr. 2 cars that show the flywheel along with a number of other parts (twin plate clutch and 148mm connecting rod, etc.,).  Later this week I will try try to get the part weighed to see how it compares to a stock flywheel and or aluminum version. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

AlpinA 2oo2 Gr. 2 EnginE UpdatE (10/15/2014)

I stopped by my Engine Builder's yesterday.  They had called me a few days earlier and left me a list of things they needed.  Somehow the 20mm (1,5) crank nut and associated "wavy washer" didn't make it with the pack of parts that came out from Louisiana back in 2oo2.  Who knows, maybe it did and it is in some random bag.  It still amazes me how many parts and pieces are associated with a car - even a race car that in theory has less of everything.  Those particular parts are NLA from BmW now so you either source them from the old nut and bolt shop or get them 2nd hand.  I opted for 2nd hand, a tensky to the guy at Double O2 Salvage in Hayward and I had my part(s).   Top image I like and not bad for an I-Phone camera - looking down on the polished crankshaft through the cylinder.  The others are of the pistons which have all beef fit into the cylinders and now just need final finishing (these are CP pistons) and the new 148mm Carrillo connecting rods.  This motor is going back together fast now and will probably be done in a month or so.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

AlpinA E9 (Cs / CsL) 3-PiecE WheeL (AuctioN)

I am going to be really interested in seeing where this auction ends up.  I don't know that I have seen a set of these offered before (this style that is with the 5 x 120 bolt pattern.  Translated description from the seller as follows:

rg. 2 pcs. ALPINA Racing alloy wheels from the 80's - these wheels were never officially buy for the street, have been exclusively for racing - including the former E9 CSI and CSL and in Group 5 cars - so make an absolute rarity !! 

The rims have signs of wear and have never been treated - the round has been checked and is OK! The Pirelli tires in size 245/60 VR14 are old as the hills! 

LK 5x120 but I can not say what width are the rims still like the ET is - there is nothing more to it! 

For deliveries abroad, the tires are removed and only the rims shipped !!

The wheels are actually three pieces, two half rims ("barrels") and then the center.  These are flat base rims so they need to be assembled by hand around the tire - no tire machine.  The centers could be aluminum or magnesium, AlpinA made them both ways.  A few of these have the old style AlpinA logo and at least one has the new style.  One or two of them have the correct old style steel center cap that goes from front to back.  Based on what I see of the tires, they appear to be Pirelli CN-36's - really cool.  They may be as old as the hills and no doubt not useable but boy do they look good on those wheels.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

AlpinA A4 (Einzeldrossel) Fuel Injection (AuctioN)

You surely do not see these come up for sale too much any more (at least publicly).  AlpinA A4 (multiple butterfly fuel injection system) for 2oo2 tii and or M1o motor.  The system appears to be in good condition and lightly used (based on what I see in photo's as far as the "patina" on the aluminum and the plating still on the fasteners and other bits).  The light amber color on the fuel injection lines would suggest the same).  Cast aluminum air box appears to be in VG condition, minus the chrome fastening nuts.  The pump is a PL04 124.02 "A-1" which is from a 2974 USA version 2oo2 tii (so it is not an AlpinA version which would be PL04 129.10), that said it will work fine with this system.  I always found my pump which was a "B-1" always ran a little lean with this system (along with an AlpinA 3oo cam).  The other thing I do not see in the pictures is the throttle cable or the bracket that holds the cable at the bulkhead.  Minor items, buyer should be aware (or at least ask if they are included but not shown).  Current bids are over $6,000 USD with a few days left.

Friday, October 3, 2014

AlpinA 2oo2 Gr. 2 ValvE CoveR

A few months back I had sent my valve cover up to my friend Roger Hamlin (Hamlin Fabrication, Sonoma, CA) to have him machine off a couple of the ribs on the valve cover.  These valve covers are of course rare items in that they aren't made any longer and rarely come available on the "used" market.  Schnitzer made two styles of these, one was for dry sump engines and the other for wet sump engines....the dry sump version not having provision for an oil filler cap (no need to fill oil into the engine via the valve cover for a dry sump motor).  A dry sump motor can use the version with the oil filler cap of course and for some reason AlpinA used this version.  Very light weight, cast in magnesium alloy.  No idea what happened to the original, but it is gone, though not a huge proposition to retrofit this one like the original.  Shortly I will send this piece out to be coated with a black chromate conversion process that makes the perfect low sheen black color (and also helps preserve the magnesium).  After that I will need to get a new "ALPINA" plaque made.  Since the motor is going back together I need to get this work done soon.