Sunday, November 29, 2015

1987 Mercedes Benz 190e 2.3-16 (SmokE SilveR)

This is my (or, I should say my son's '87 16v).  I drove the wheels off the car for many years.  One of our friends who owns an Audi repair shop locally had a really nice Audi A4 Avant that my son drove - that car ended up being rear ended and totaled.  At the same time, my wife inherited a Jag x-Type wagon.  I offered the car to him, however he would need to use the accident settlement money to re-do the timing chains and rails on the 16v.  That is pretty major surgery on one of these so while everything was taken a port a new oil pump and other misc was done (what the heck, why not its only money....).  This car needs to be restored (and we will) but is totally original and unmolested.  A really fun car to drive I must say.  My son regularly gets folks approaching him to ask/talk about the car, business cards left on the windshield - he even had a fellow chat him up about the car on the 405 freeway (Irvine, CA) in stopped, slow traffic.  Car people know what cool cars these are.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Holiday's (BmW MotorsporT CSL)

Happy Holidays to all my friends out there.  These classic black and white foto's are my favorites for sure.  Can you name these drivers?  I created this blog six or so years ago and while there have been some extended periods of time (unfortunately) where I haven't posted anything, I am really proud that the content that I post is quality - written content, images, diagrams, links etc.,  The next few months are going to be busy, lots going on with the AlpinA car so stay tuned. 

RellumiT Dry Break Fill ValveS (Premier Fuel Systems)

Rellumit dry break fill valves.  I have been trying for a while to find a pair of these used as my AlpinA car had them as part of the fuel tank/fuel system.  NO luck whatsoever, didn't even get a return email from "Never fear Freisinger (Motorsport) is here...." (Germany) or ""Historika" (UK).  These were commonly used in various Porsche race cars (911 RsR, 934 and 935 to name a few).  As a matter of fact, all of these images are from Porsche race cars.  The last image (above) is a replica unit that is currently being manufactured by Premier Fuel Systems. They (Premier Fuel Systems) did in fact get back to me right away with quotations for the fill valves.  They are not inexpensive (nearly $500/ea.), but then, that is what I expected.  My plan is to use one of these along with a Monza style filler in the same "tower" like configuration as the original AlpinA tank.  As a matter of fact, one of the images I have of the car in the black livery it appears that is the way they had it.  I do need to thank Feisinger Motorsport for posting a picture on their website of one of their restorations that showed the Premier Fuel Systems fill valve....thank you Freisinger.....

Link to Premier Fuel Systems Catalog 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Devils' in the Details (Clutch Master/Brake Master Reservoir Caps) - AlpinA Gr. 2 Update


I have a lot going on with the AlpinA car at the moment. I was at my engine builders yesterday, he has about 12 hours of work left before the motor goes on the Dyno!!!!!!  Closure on that monumental piece of work is so close.  Very exciting for me.  Performance Shock (Sonoma, CA) is finishing work re-building /freshening the AlpinA/Bilstein front struts.  Moisture had gotten inside both strut tubes and had caused some problems, they will now be as good (better) than new.  I purchased and ordered all the necessary new rod ends for the front suspension (EXPENSIVE).  Getting ready to send both the Dry Sump oil tank and the fuel injection swirl pot (expansion tank) to Hamlin Fabrication (Sonoma, CA) for some required re-work.

I started focusing in on some of what might be minor detail items like this.  Expansion tanks and reservoirs.  The brake master cylinder reservoir and the the clutch master reservoir had these interesting "ATE" bulb-like (for lack of a better word) caps.  The top two images are early period pics of the AlpinA car's engine bay, you can clearly see those same caps on both the brake and clutch master reservoirs.  You can also see what kind of condition mine are in.  Bad.  I started going through the various BmW parts diagrams (basically all BmW's up to 1974), never found anything that matched.  I had pretty much decided to use the typical plastic caps (in fact the rubber boot covers the cap, so the plastic cap is integral to the assembly).  By accident I was lurking around an Alfa site and saw this image of an Alfa GTV (105 series I believe - see pic above top right of the photo) and noticed the cap on the brake master reservoir.  Bingo.  Next, went on Ebay and located someone selling a couple of these NOS, hit the BIN button, a couple of weeks later they have arrived (from Greece).  It is a minor thing really, but like they say, the "Devils' in the Details".

Saturday, November 14, 2015

AlpinA "SportsitzE" (Auction)

For those of us who check ebay pretty regularly for those "deals" on rare parts.....it is pretty much dead.  By that I mean fewer and fewer parts get sold this way any more.  I could check but off hand I can't even say the last auction item I listed here (and I look, but of course I don't list things here that I am bidding on until I have either won ).  I am in full resto mode of the AlpinA Gr. 2 car and have quite a few commitments financially so I can't be distracted (much) by stuff like this.  I will say, if I wasn't I would be all over this one.  This seat appears to be in "A" condition based on the coloring of the cloth, no rips or tears or cigarette burns (most likely a passenger seat).  You almost NEVER see these with the plastic "AlpinA" placquard not broken in the center.....Nice piece even without the head rest. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

CS / CSL C- Pillar Roundel (AlpinA)

Rare bit, CSL AlpinA C-Pillar roundel.  Only have seen a few of these - all of them on race cars (including this one which was on a CSL recently restored in the UK).

Friday, November 6, 2015

2016 AlpinA Wall Calendar - Celebraing the BMW AlpinA CSL

AlpinA is taking order's for their new 2016 calendar.......celebrating the BMW AlpinA CSL.  I will be ordering mine shortly - the artwork looks incredible.  Use link below to AlpinA's webpage and ordering.